.Biz Service Level Management


  A Service Provider needs to measure how well the service is being delivered, in real time.


 Our Service Level Management module allows you to easily configure as many Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and Operational Level Agreements (OLA') as you want.


  With a click of the button, in real-time see current Items that have violated any SLA's or OLA's.


  Use Escalations to send e-mails when SLA/OLA items are about to violate, to stay on top of things.


  With another click of the button get Metrics, such as ' 100 Incidents qualified for the 'Priority 1 - 4 Hour Response'  SLA, 98 of them were resolved within 4 hours, giving a 98% Service Rate.


  In addition, drill-down and review individual SLA/OLA items, and send these Metrics and Statistics to .PDF, Word or Excel, for reporting needs.


  Find out how easy it is, by trying it live on-line, or by using our 90 free trial.


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Service Level Features
Best Practices are used within the SLA Module

1.  Business Hours Calculations

2.  Real-Time Calculations

3.  Escalations

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