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     Important! Most installations of .NET 2.0 are missing the Report Viewer support files. Click here to download...


       Click on the below link to download the .Biz setup program.



       How do I install it?


        1: Download and run the above installation file, the BizSetup.msi and follow the prompts.


        2: Once completed, go to and run the ' .Biz COM+ Server Installation'


        3: Then go to Start-Programs-> and run the ',Biz Database Installation' and follow the prompts.


        4: Finally, go to Start-Programs->.Biz Login page and log in as Demo/Demo (case sensitive).


Tech Tip: Configure the COM+ Server identity - please see .Biz Post Installation Configuration .doc  


       Want us to do the installation?  Contact us and we can help you get up and running.


Logging into .Biz- Demo / Demo


           The default administrator Login ID is Demo with the password Demo. The password is case sensitive.

           To get to the Login page, go to your Start - > Programs -> folder and select the Login Page shortcut.


Installation Troubleshooting



Post Installation Configuration




.Biz Documentation



.Biz Single Sign On


          .Biz Single Sign On allows you to access .Biz with your current logged in domain credentials, so .Biz automatically

           knows who you are and let's you in.



.Biz Two Way E-Mail Manager


          .Biz Two Way E-Mail Manager monitors a mailbox and creates or updates Incidents based on incoming e-mails.

           The E-Mail and any Attachments are automatically added to the Incident, so you have a full log of all activities.




Source Code installation instructions


        The source code is included when you install .Biz, all the project files are in the install directory. Just start Visual Studio 2005 on the server where .Biz is installed and navigate to the install directory (likely c:\inetpub\wwwroot\biz) and open the Biz.sln Solution file. This contains all the source code, support files, deployment package, everything you need to make changes to .Biz using VS.NET 2005. Call or send an e-mail if you need help.


Sample .Biz Proposal



Sample .Biz Roll-out Project Plan



.Biz Requirements Check lists



.Biz Design Change Request form



Additional Documentation



Latest . Biz E-Mail Server







                            All Downloads are Virus Scanned, Adware, Spyware  and Malware free
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