Doing it your way - making it your own.


     One size does not fit all. Every customer has their unique requirements.


    .Biz has been specifically designed to easily allow you to make it your own.


    With the easy configuration of Notifications, Escalations, Group Assignments, Agents, Groups, Permissions, System Settings, table driven design and more, you can tailor .Biz to work how you want it to work, without any programming effort.


     For those with more advanced requirements, we make our Visual Studio.NET Source Code available. This is a Developers dream, as it allows you to make any, truly any, change you want. More importantly, it secures your investment and Intellectual Capital.


    We can help. We have years of experience providing custom solutions. If you are not sure about what is required or how to do it, call us. We'll first understand your requirements, then provide suggestions and possible solutions. We'll give you a fixed price quote, and you don't pay until you are fully satisfied.


    There is no obligation or hard sell, please do not hesitate to call us.


    Here are some sample documents that we use to provide you with your own personalized version of .Biz:


Sample .Biz Proposal



Sample .Biz Roll-out Project Plan



.Biz Requirements Check lists



.Biz Design Change Request form



  • Add New Features
  • Add New Modules
  • Define New Call Flow
  • Integrate into Existing Applications


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