.Biz Change Management


     The .BIZ Change Management Module will manage and track the life cycle of Change Requests and Tasks. It identifies the impact and risk of proposed Changes on a business and through proper approvals ensures that all actions are taken for a successful change completion.  All dependent tasks related to a Change Request will also be monitored and tracked.


    All of these features are included:


  • Pre-Defined Tasks
  • Pre-Defined Approvals
  • Automatic Agent and Group assignment
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Automatic Escalations
  • Change Scheduling Calendar
  • Attachments
  • Permissions
  • Field Level Auditing
  • Web based Crystal Reporting
  • User Defined Business Hour Time calculations
  • Associations
  • 4 Tiered Categorizations
  • Sequenced Tasks
  • and much more...


  The benefits arising from these features include:


  • A higher turnaround of changes, and reduction of duplicated effort and rework
  • Increased employee participation in critical business processes
  • Escalation of change requests, eliminating bottlenecks in the change process
  • Incorporation of defined security controls into change processes
  • Visibility of all change requests, enabling managers to assess the status of changes impacting their departments


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Change Requests

Best Practices are used within the Change Module

1.  Root Cause Analysis.

2.  Product Categorization.

3.  Identify business process affected by change requests.

4.  Eliminate duplicate Change Requests.


Task Requests
Task Requests can be Created, Tracked and Managed.


Approval Requests
Pre-defined and additional Approval Requests can be related to each Change Request.


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